Looks like Henrik Lundqvist will play hockey in 2021

Swedish goaltender Henrik Lundqvist is 38-years-old and he has now been bought out by the New York Rangers. And at the moment it is not known if he will continue his career.

His fantastic career includes Olympic Gold, Gold in World Championships, and a trip to the Stanley Cup finals. But he has not won the Stanley Cup yet, which could be a driving force for him to continue playing hockey in 2021. He has 887 regular season games for the New York Rangers, but his era in Madison Square Garden is over.

Sportsnet’s insider Eliotte Friedman has indicated he thinks Lundqvist will continue with his career in the NHL, and a team to watch for is the Washington Capitals.

Henrik Lundqivst has now tweeted that has the fans hoping he has decided to continue, and of course we also hope he is not done yet.