Schedule for the 2014 Ice Hockey World Championship

The 2014 Ice Hockey World Championship will be held in Belarus for the first time. The first game will be played on May 9, and the final will be played on May 25. Here you have the complete schedule:

Group A – Chizhovka Arena
Czech Republic

Group B – Minsk Arena

9 May, Fri FRA vs CAN
9 May, Fri SVK vs CZE
10 May, Sat ITA vs NOR
10 May, Sat SWE vs DEN
10 May, Sat CAN vs SVK
11 May, Sun FRA vs ITA
11 May, Sun NOR vs DEN
11 May, Sun SWE vs CZE
12 May, Mon SVK vs FRA
12 May, Mon CZE vs CAN
13 May, Tue ITA vs DEN
13 May, Tue NOR vs SWE
14 May, Wed CZE vs ITA
14 May, Wed SVK vs NOR
15 May, Thu CAN vs DEN
15 May, Thu SWE vs FRA
16 May, Fri CAN vs ITA
16 May, Fri SWE vs SVK
17 May, Sat FRA vs NOR
17 May, Sat DEN vs CZE
17 May, Sat SVK vs ITA
18 May, Sun CAN vs SWE
18 May, Sun CZE vs NOR
19 May, Mon DEN vs FRA
19 May, Mon ITA vs SWE
20 May, Tue NOR vs CAN
20 May, Tue DEN vs SVK
20 May, Tue CZE vs FRA

9 May, Fri SUI vs RUS
9 May, Fri BLR vs USA
10 May, Sat KAZ vs GER
10 May, Sat FIN vs LAT
10 May, Sat USA vs SUI
11 May, Sun GER vs LAT
11 May, Sun BLR vs KAZ
11 May, Sun FIN vs RUS
12 May, Mon SUI vs BLR
12 May, Mon RUS vs USA
13 May, Tue GER vs FIN
13 May, Tue KAZ vs LAT
14 May, Wed SUI vs GER
14 May, Wed RUS vs KAZ
15 May, Thu USA vs LAT
15 May, Thu FIN vs BLR
16 May, Fri USA vs KAZ
16 May, Fri FIN vs SUI
17 May, Sat LAT vs RUS
17 May, Sat BLR vs GER
17 May, Sat SUI vs KAZ
18 May, Sun USA vs FIN
18 May, Sun RUS vs GER
19 May, Mon KAZ vs FIN
19 May, Mon LAT vs BLR
20 May, Tue GER vs USA
20 May, Tue LAT vs SUI
20 May, Tue RUS vs BLR

Quarterfinals: 22 May
Semifinals: 24 May
Bronze medal game: 25 May
Final: 25 May